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    Horny Affairs Review: Is there any chance to find your date here?
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    Horny Affairs Review: Is there any chance to find your date here?

    Having an affair outside your marriage after many years together is not an exception nowadays. People get used to their partners, but still, novelty is something they long for. In such a case, online search for a fast and discreet hook-up may be a solution. However, you cannot pick just a random website for it, nor can you find such a date on Facebook. To help you narrow down your dating spot search, we prepared this HornyAffairs review. It aims at helping people to find partners for a one-night stand or several sex dates. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers, along with its benefits and drawbacks.
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    Why HornyAffairs?
    1. easy and free registration;
    2. user-friendly interface;
    3. many features for fee-based members.
    1. high prices;
    2. some profiles are fake;
    3. no mobile app.
    All in all, it is up to you to decide whether Horny Affairs is a good choice for you. This website has a few pros and cons that may take you some time to think about, but in general, it is not the worst site we have tested for dating online. You may even find it suitable if occasional automated messages do not make you mad. If you would like to know more about it, we advise you to collect more HornyAffairs reviews to get a deeper impression of this site. 
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    How it works 

    Our first visit to Horny Affairs caused mixed impressions. The website logo is two rings tied together that do not correlate with the website subject. ‘Horny Affairs’ is not something that contributes to the marriage, it’s oftentimes a cause of the break-up. We think that the company needs to work on its branding more. 





    The HornyAffairs homepage looks more or less well. Although it is not as stylishly designed as those of its competitors, we cannot say it looks too outdated. It features a short signup form, a few pictures of its users who have joined HornyAffairs recently, and the number of those online. 


    To start using the website, we needed to register. We used the form on the right for that and entered email address, password, and birthdate. After that, we were taken to another short form where we added dating preferences, location, and created a nickname. The final step looked like the following.


    hornyaffairs com


    We input the self-presentation and clicked on the green button to start using HornyAffairs.  


    A user dashboard is intuitively understandable. It consists of a few tabs at the top where you can check the activity of other users on your profile. You can also reach the search tool from there, open the chat, etc. Below them, there is a field for posting your status, feelings, thoughts, or invitation to start a dialogue. On the left, you can see the exact number of likes and reviews that you have and open your profile to edit it. At the bottom left corner of the screen, there are lists of people who are online now, and another list of those who might interest you.


    horny affairs


    Once you click on ‘View your profile’, you can see whether something needs to be done to your account to improve your chances of becoming popular on Horny Affairs. To add a photo, click on the button on the avatar, and choose it from your desktop.


    hornyaffairs review


    Overall, the website is easy to use and more or less well-designed. All pages work properly and don’t crash while you are uploading photos or chat with other users. So far, we can say it is quite nice for a newbie to start their dating experience here. 


    As for the quality of profiles that we were able to check right after the registration, it is not as high as the website promises. Women that are registered here often do not have a bio or filled-out interests, so you cannot be sure about what they are looking for on Horny Affairs. They rarely upload more than one picture, and those are rarely of high resolution. The average profiles look like the following.


    hornyaffairs reviews


    If you like the profile of a certain woman, you can let her know about that by clicking on the green button next to her avatar. The field below the button is for texting her immediately. Also, you can scroll the page down to see whether you like her personal features and preferences in sex. 


    As our profile was new at HornyAffairs, we noticed that some of the users who texted us insisted on uploading the picture. They made it look like they were interested in getting to know us, but we don’t think they were since they did not have the pictures too. Consequently, we thought that fake profiles were run by the Horny Affairs administrators to make new users publish as much information about their identity as possible. Their attempts to get our photos looked like this.


    hornyaffairs com review


    Also, we had the impression that those messages were sent to make us engage in conversation, which is not free. At this point, we would not say that Horny Affairs is a decent site to start dating online. 


    To know more about the prices, you need to be registered on Horny Affairs and log into your account. Next, you need to press the ‘Become premium’ button to see the membership plans. 


    HornyAffairs offers three types of subscription. They only differ by the duration and provide the same set of features.


    hornyaffairs com reviews


    For this money, you will get:

    • messaging with as many users as you want;
    • access to all profiles of the HornyAffairs community; 
    • unlimited number of porn videos for free;
    • likes of all profiles you wish;
    • placement on top of the cupid mails;
    • premium Customer Support.


    In comparison to other online dating sites, the pricing on HornyAffairs is high, while the service is not better than others on the market. Taking into account the quality of profiles here, we cannot recommend you this platform for dating.


    The safety issue is one of the most disturbing ones for all new users of dating sites since all of them want to keep their privacy while meeting cheating partners. No one wants to get caught by their spouses on HornyAffairs or let any third parties know they use the service. Therefore, we paid special attention to the HornyAffairs privacy regulations so that you can be sure it is legit.


    The company owners claim the site does not share the information its members provide to them, except for the partner companies and services that assist them in doing business. Hence, you cannot be sure about the number of people who might get access to your email address and spam you with their offers. At the same time, HornyAffairs state that they abide by GDPR and take the user’s anonymity very seriously. 


    What are Horny Affairs?

    Horny Affairs is the online dating spot for those who want to find a sex partner for dating or try sex online. 

    How much do Horny Affairs cost?

    There are 3 membership plans on Horny Affairs. A one-month subscription costs $29.95, a three-month subscription costs $59.95, and a six-month subscription costs $99.95.

    Are Horny Affairs Scam?

    No, the company does not look like a scam website, although it has some part of profiles run by its administrators. 

    Are Horny Affairs Safe?

    The website looks safe, but you still have to pay close attention to the content you publish openly. 

    Who owns Horny Affairs?

    This company is owned by High Knight Ltd.

    What security features do Horny Affairs have?

    The company uses its highly secure protocols to avoid information leaks. All financial data you transmit while using the site is encrypted and cannot be accessed by the company’s staff or anyone else. 

    Do Horny Affairs have a mobile app?

    No, unfortunately, Horny Affairs has no app yet.

    How do I delete my Horny Affairs account?

    To remove your account forever, click on the ‘Help’ button at the very bottom of any page of the website, choose the respective question in the list, and provide the reason why you want to do that. After that, click on the green button to finish.