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    Married Secrets Review: Safe and Discreet Dating or Scam?
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    Married Secrets

    Married Secrets Review: Safe and Discreet Dating or Scam?

    Nowadays, no one wants to live a life full of boredom and gloom even after many years of marriage. Couples who lived through a lot may still want to live a meaningful life like they did when they were young. Hence, they start looking for the partner outside their home to hook up with. If it sounds like you, don’t worry - all of us have been there. Now, the only question is how to do that right and stay anonymous. The answer is simple: online dating. You can do that easily if you choose the right online dating website that meets your needs of knowing new people and keeping your privacy. To help you narrow down your list of dating spots, we prepared this Married Secrets review. We will be discussing its prices, features, and additional services here to see whether it is trustworthy. Let’s take a closer look at it.
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    Why Married Secrets?
    1. fast registration.
    1. high prices;
    2. a lot of profiles that are not used anymore and fake profiles;
    3. absence of proper data protection.
    All in all, Married Secrets might have been a means of finding the partner 15 years ago, but now that is not the best option. The website has very limited features, the profiles here are not visited by the holders, and you cannot be sure about the way the website administrators can use your data. To get a broader understanding of this site, we advise you to read more Married Secrets reviews. In case you don’t wish to use Married Secrets for meeting new people, feel free to continue your dating site search. 
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    How it works 

    MarriedSecrets is a discreet dating platform for people looking for cheating partners. The first time we visited it, we felt like something was wrong with it. Just take a look at its homepage.


    married secrets


    The Married Secrets site looks like it has never been updated since 2005, and we are already in doubt whether there are any active users yet. But let’s try it out.


    As you can see, there is no proper information about the website, its mission, the way it works, the services it provides, etc. There is no possibility for the guest to evaluate whether it is legit since all you can do is just fill out the registration form and see what happens. 


    We tried to enter data to search for matches through the form on the homepage but we were redirected again to the login and sign up form. It looked like this.


    married secrets review


    Once we filled out the ‘Sign up free’ section, we saw a more detailed form to check. It asked for birth date, sex, and sex of the potential partner, relationship status, and place of residence. When we have filled this information, we were informed about the need to confirm the email address through the link sent to our inbox. After clicking on it, we were finally taken to our dashboard on Married Secrets. 


    married secrets reviews


    At the top, there are 5 tabs from where you can navigate your profile. The search can be done through the form below or by clicking on the respective tab at the top. At the ‘My profile’ section of your account, you can edit and add information about yourself. Your messages will appear at the respective tab too. 


    Overall, the Married Secrets website looks underdeveloped and unreliable at first sight. Although it did not crash so far and all of the forms, pages, and buttons worked correctly, no one seems to have updated the site for ages. At this point, we are rather skeptical about the website’s reliability. 


    On Married Secrets, you can register as a woman, a man, or a couple. As for your search options, you can look for a partner of the same, the opposite sex, or meet a couple. It is a plus of this platform since a few dating websites offer such options. 


    To search for a partner, click on the ‘Search’ tab in your dashboard. You will see the features of advanced search that include origin, body type, height, and the color of eyes and hair in addition to the standard features (sex, age range, and location). Also, the search can be narrowed down to users online or users with pictures only. 


    As for our experience with Married Secrets, after the registration and upgrade of our profile, we texted 150 women. In the next two days, we got an answer only from 20 of them. Such a low percentage can be explained by the low popularity of the service in 2020. Also, during this time we received around ten messages from private investigators who were trying to scare us of being caught by our ‘spouse’. So far, we can conclude that Married Secrets is not the best option for finding the partner for hook-up. 


    To get to know the price list of dating on the MarriedSecrets website, you need to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button on your dashboard. There, you will see three membership plans that differ by duration. A monthly subscription costs $49.95 if you want to join the service for 30 days only, a three-month plan costs $79.95, and a half a year membership costs $119.95. The prices are quite high for the services since there is no explanation of each of the plans. You can only guess that you will get access to the messaging feature and your search results will widen. Also, Married Secrets launched the Live service to chat through the webcam. However, even with the prepaid plan, we could not figure out how to use it and where we can find it on the dashboard. 


    To sum up the prices and services provided, we cannot consider the website as legit due to the high prices and limited features for this money.


    To know about the privacy issue on Married Secrets, you need to visit the privacy policy page. There, the website clearly stated that it collects personal and financial information of its users for marketing purposes. Plus, the notice regarding third parties access is stated too. Married Secrets recognize that the banners and ads of other websites that are posted on the platform can take you to the partner companies of Married Secrets, and that they are not reliable for using your information. Consequently, we cannot consider Married Secrets to be a safe place for online dating. 


    As for the payment methods, Married Secrets provide two options:

    • credit card;
    • transfer of money. 


    We cannot claim that these methods are safe as there is no information on how they encrypt financial data. Also, we do not know what payment systems are used for paying with your card. Therefore, we advise you to refrain from using this service to protect yourself and save your money. 


    What is Married Secrets?

    Married Secrets is an online dating website for people who want to find a partner for an affair or one-night stands.

    How much does Married Secrets cost?

    Married Secrets provides 3 membership plans to their users. A one-month subscription costs $49.95, a three-month subscription costs $79.95, and a six-month plan costs $119.95.

    Is Married Secrets Scam?

    Due to the quality of profiles presented on Married Secrets and its attitude towards personal data of users, we can consider the website a scam.

    Is Married Secrets Safe?

    No, due to the unfriendly privacy policy and private investigators running profiles on Married Secrets, we cannot say it is a safe place for online dating. 

    Who owns Married Secrets?

    Unfortunately, the company does not disclose the name of its owner. 

    What security features does Married Secrets have?

    Married Secrets does not have any security features and guarantees for its members. 

    Does Married Secrets have a mobile app?

    No, it does not. There is no mobile version of the website either.

    How do I delete my Married Secrets account?

    To deactivate your profile, log in and click on the ‘Edit profile’ button on the right. Scroll to the bottom and choose the ‘Delete profile’ option. Type the reason why you want to leave the site and click the ‘Unregister’ button.